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I strive to make the stage a safer place to perform.

I will maintain credibility and industry respect by providing excellence in my practices and standards. I will continue to thrive by maintaining focus on client needs that I will meet by offering honest and thorough planning and sourcing, and by establishing and adhering to practices designed for liability reduction. I will focus appropriate attention to detail, while exhibiting exceptional productivity and professionalism. And I will keep it fun."

Documented Theatre and Venue Safety Inspections

Documenting your venue's rigging inspections are necessary on a regular schedule. Call Andrew for a consultation.

Venue Documentation

Present your venue in a professional manner with accurate, detailed paperwork.

Special Project Design and Scaffolding Structures

Designing scaffolding stuctures to meet your event's technical needs is an entertaining exercise. I take great pride in being able to meet the technical needs of my Clients.

Concert Production Stage Management

I manage efficient load-ins and strikes. Call show cues with accuracy and roll with the punches. I strive for a safe, fun lasting positive impression.

Rigging Services

Drawing from his formal education, years of amazing experience and from many years of personal R & D, Andrew has a very diverse skill set. "The following list are skills I hold great competency in and are professional services I offer"


Touring and one-offs - from conception to final strike.


Touring productions, corporate one-offs to multi-stage festivals


Taking your projects from conception through to completion.

Roof Structures

Design, specification, installation and standards management.

Rigging Training For Technicians & Performers

From basic "big-picture overview" to advanced mechanics and rope technique.

Advanced Mechanics and Rope Management Training

This is about optimizing yours or your crew's productivity on several levels. Proper body mechanics saves backs and hands, and reduces the chance of a fall. These enhancements alone save money for the business owner and individual rigger. When one considers the need for medical attention to correct physiological issues caused by poor technique, the savings become huge. Throw in the increased costs of worker's compensation and state labor insurance premiums that rise with increased injury claims and my advanced training becomes invaluable. Additionally, as riggers grow through the process of being rope pulling monkeys to thinkers and planners, they need guidance on where to focus technical attention so that effort is not needlessly spent on math and standards that are not going to yield any monetary benefit for either them or their employers.

For Performers, Managers and Producers
The liability big-picture is often too much to maintain a conscious foothold on while producing, negotiating and developing a performance. Utilizing a dedicated professional rigger, such as myself, to navigate these treacherous waters is the smart approach. Learning how to impliment a rigger's services into your business cost estimates isn't that tricky.

A dedicated, ETCP certified rigger should be able to competently offer the following:
1. Produce a detailed, to scale rigging plot with key.
2. Specify equipment that will preform well and minimize costs, including labor billing.
3. Specify electrical needs.
4. Verify load capacities and produce a venue to event plot overlay.
5. Effectively layout floor and organize the rigging equipment and crew in a manner to optimize labor billing with formost attention to safe operating procedures.
6. Effectively run a rigging crew, in addition to supporting the other related departments as their rigging needs develop.
7. Develop, document and execute a Liability Management Plan (LMP) for their Client's production/event.

Andrew hanging on ropes below Seattle's iconic Space Needle.