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You may use the following documents as you wish. All original materials are my compositions, except where specificsally noted. In the case of another person's copyrighted material being offered here, I have received their consent to provide their work to the public. Many of these documents were drafted as an exercise for my own benefit and were not actually implimented - most have been. In fact, many were presented to employers, but were not implimented due to their agenda, or lack thereof. If you need an editable copy of something in PDF format, you are welcome to write me.

Aluminum Roof Structure Management
Emergency Action Plan for mitigating and deseminating responsibilities to manage an emergency weather conditions - Sample
Simple Weather Log - Sample
Excellent Industrial Rigging Glossary by Hercules SLR Inc.
Daily Operational Inspection Form
- Sample
Simple Roof System Pullsheet - Sample
Simple Scaffolding Pullsheet - Sample

Theatrical Rigging Maintenance Standard & Inspections
Theatrical Rigging System Maintenance Standard - Sample
Inspection Form - 5 Year
Inspection Form - 1 year
Inspection Form - 6 Month
Inspection Form - Monthly
Daily Pre-operation Inspection Log
Rigging Equipment Retirement Standard
Hyraulic Wench Component Diagram - Designed to familiarize and establish terms
Hyraulic Wench Preshift Inspection Log

Liability Management
Generic Rigging Services Agreement - Template gifted from Mike at Reed Rigging - a great entertainment rigging operation.
WAC 296-155-100 - WISHA document outlining "Management Responsibilities" in the safe workplace.
Release & Waiver of Liability - Intended to protect me in my Manlift Certification Training courses.
Manlift Inspection Log - Remember, it didn't happen if it wasn't documented.
Manlift Operator Site Evaluation Log
Hydraulic Wench Operator Risk Acknowledgement - Designed to focus liability on operator

Rigging Safety
Emergency Self Rescue - Vital OSHA Document
OSHA Suspension Trauma Information - Click here. - Another vital OSHA document
Fall Protection Plan - Generic Sample

General Team Safety
Accident Prevention Plan - Template adjusted by me, from Wa. St. Labor & Industries
First Aid Kit Contents Guide

Production Documentation
Properties Preset List - A simple Doc for concert production use. Not for theatrical use.
Detailed Show Preset with Checklist - Sample of a more elaborate prepatory document
Running Crew Show Cue Sheet - My show cue tracking for locals
Touring Stage Plot - Sample of my Advance work with contact info omitted. This is clean and detailed.
Touring Rigging Plot - Another clean, straight-forward document for my PM's Advancing.

Flight & Aerial Performance Specific
Daily Rigging Inspection Log Performance Report - use them for every performance
Aerial Performance Release and Indemnification Form - Template
Aerial Performance Information Questionaire - Designed to assess a performer prior to their install
Flight System Daily Inspection Notes and Inspection Log - Sample. Designed for a "community theatre" Production
Flight System Inspection Guidelines - Sample Designed to inform novice inspectors/operators
Administrating Flight System Inspections for SM - Notes on administering daily inspections
System Log - General operation reporting form for production staff. For system oversight
Emergency Response Plan - Reality Check for venue management. Alleviate performer liability.

Apparatus System Inspection Checklist - Catalog, then document its inspection
Liftall Sling Catalog - An important resource for all aerial performers

Theatrical Rigging
Rigging Project Proposal - Sample
Flyrail Operator Qualification Standard - designed to establish a minimum standard for testing flymen
Flyrail Operator's Qualification Examination
- Sample
House Lineset List Revision - Sample

Training Documents for Instructors
Emergency Contact Form
Course Rules of Conduct - Sample